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 Gears of War 2 (9.5 out of 10)

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PostSubject: Gears of War 2 (9.5 out of 10)   Mon Nov 24, 2008 8:33 pm

There has been so much anticipation for the new and upcoming Gears of War 2, but is it what all of the fans have been waiting for? Gears of war picks up after you drop the lightmass bomb and destroy the whole locust nest. At the end of Gears one you obviously will know there will be a second Gears added to this Franchise.

The Gears of War 2 campaign is very exciting and is packed with action and hours of play, the story is easy to understand if you played the first Gears. If you didnt play the first Gears you will be lost at some points in the game and you may not understand some things they are reffering to. But over all you will be able to figure the game out. The AI is impressive on the harder difficulties but if you were to play it on easy the AI will seem stupid at times. One cool thing they added was sometimes you will have to use your lancer to cut things or fight a boss/monster. The downside is you may go to rev your chainsaw and it wont let you use it at certain points. You also may get stuck on certain objects and not be able to move and fail the level. The campaign will recieve 9.5 out of 10

Graphics for this game are quite nice but may look cartoonish sometimes. The textures are amazing and when it rains the ground looks actually like a real road that has been poured on. The gore is one of the coolest things this game has to offer. Heads,arms,legs,chests, you name it, it will probably have it. The graphics of this game will recieve a 10 out of 10

The multiplayer is what really makes gears a popular game, people love it and they can play it endlessly for hours. The multiplayer consists of many different types of game modes, you can go up to 5 on 5 which may seem dissapointing but actually the maps are perfect for 5 on 5. Speeking of the maps, there are some maps brought back form Gears of War 1, and the new maps are just awesome. I cant think of other words to describe the maps, they did a brilliant job. You cannot customize your character but you can pick from many campaign characters except for a couple unrealistic characters. The multiplayer recieves a 9 out of 10.

Overall this game is definatley a must buy. -Colby (S ii M P L 3)
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Havick DiS
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PostSubject: reply of gow2   Wed Nov 26, 2008 12:45 am

The shotgun in Gears 1 is much better and stronger than Gears 2 but i like gears 1 better
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Gears of War 2 (9.5 out of 10)
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