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PostSubject: HOW TO MAKE FLASH GRAPHIX   Sat Dec 06, 2008 3:10 pm

Step1 Gather your tools. You will need a copy of Adobe Photoshop with ImageReady to create your gif animation. You must be familiar with layers in Photoshop and frames in animation. Each movement in your graphic will need to be on a new layer, which is the same thing as a frame in animation lingo for our purposes here.

Step2 Create a new file and design the parts of your logo that will not change on the background layer.

Step3 Create a new layer and design the first frame of your animation.

Step4 Repeat Step 3 until all frames of your animation have been completed.

Step5 Save the file in Photoshop format.

Step6 Go to File>Open in Imageready.

Step7 In Imageready, make sure your Animation and Layers windows are showing. If they are not, go to the Window menu.

Step8 In the Animation window, create a new frame for each part of your animation. Select each frame and turn the layers on/off that you want visible for that particular frame.

Step9 Preview your animation using the control panel in the Animation window. The play button will show you how your completed animation will look.

Step10 When satisfied, go to File>Save for Web and save in GIF format.

I cannot make these because my version of photoshop has been lost and I currently don't have the cash to get it now.
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