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 Saints Row 2 Review (8.5 Making it a Must Buy)

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PostSubject: Saints Row 2 Review (8.5 Making it a Must Buy)   Mon Nov 24, 2008 8:08 pm

What do you think when you hear Saints Row 2? Grand Theft Auto, its inevitable. Saints Row 2 has many features including character customization, gang customization, vehicle customization, story mode, and online.

Character Customization:

Character customization is excellent. You can make anybody you want from Michael Jackson to yourself. Clothes are a little bit limited to what you can find and without cheat codes you would need to build up some cash to get the clothes you may want. I will put up some directions on making certain celeberties, actors singers anybody I have made. Overall this aspect get a 9 out of 10

Gang Customization:

This feature sounded very cool when I got the game until I used it. The customization is so limited its not even funny. The only options you have are:






Pimps 'n Hos



You would think they would let you make new colors!!!!! Maybe even a different fighting style.... The tags for your gang are good but limited, there are only eight different tags. Overall it gets a 6 out of 10 :-(

Vehical Customization:

This is both for your gang and yourself. I think for your own vehicals its amazing and the choices are pretty much endless. For your gang I think the opposite, there are only three slots for gang vehicals. The cars themselves are good but once again, you cant fully customize them. I give it an 8 out of 10

Story Mode:

The story mode is excellent but short. On the hardest difficulty I defeated every gang in a week, I completed every activity and mission in about three weeks. The story line is confusing if you didn't get the first one so if you are getting it for ps3 you will need to get the first one explained to you first. I think this story mode should be put into a movie if you ask me! There is one part I didn't like but it is something you will see for yourself. It has to do with voodoo and if you ask me voodoo should be in a child's game or a horror game not a gang game. Overall storymode gets a 9.5!


Online is a funny subject because it truely depends on the person. If you LOVE this game with a passion then online is for you. If you just think its cool then play it on and off or you will be sick of it. To rank up you will need so much money that by the time you do you are sick of the game. If you are bad at online then its worse because the better you are the more money you make and you need money to rank up. Badges are easy to get since it is easy to boost. I give online play a ? out of 10, this is a rating you would need to decide on yourself.... - Anthony (Explicit Hitman)
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Saints Row 2 Review (8.5 Making it a Must Buy)
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